This is your final stop on the road to a slimmer, healthier you! With our products & support, you will lose your weight, and keep it off FOREVER!

Take a look at what has been happening with your weight over the past few months and years. Do any of these look or sound like you: a steady gain; hitting a plateau above your desired weight; the yo-yo of gaining and losing, only to wind up much heavier than you have ever been?

How will your future look if you continue on your current path? If this sounds serious, it is! Take control of your future by getting the weight off and keeping it off forever! The SlimmerBody Now Program is designed to help those who are truly serious about losing their weight and making an improvement in their future.

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Lily and Bill S.

"I lost 51 pounds and went from a size 16 to a 6!"

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With SlimmerBody Now, 
you will reach your goal weight and keep it off forever!


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you want to lose your weight NOW?
  • Are you truly serious about losing your weight?
  • How will your life improve with your weight loss?
  • What is it worth to you to lose your weight and keep it off - FOREVER?

There are many different Weight Loss products and programs out there. What makes the SlimmerBody Now program unique is that we work with you, designing a program that we know will bring YOU the results. And once you achieve these results, we teach your body to MAINTAIN them forever!

Before you go any further, we must ask you a few more questions: Are you ready to lose your weight for the last time and keep it off? Are you ready to commit to making this happen for yourself?


Personal Coaching

We have been told by many of our clients that our personal coaching is key to their success. We take the time to get to know you and help you to set realistic goals. We spend the time with you to personalize your program - this ensures results! Some programs charge as much as $60 for a 30-minute phone call. Your personal coach, an experienced professional is available to work with you at no additional fee!

Our Products

The reason for our success is our products. Our products are natural - no drugs, chemicals or side effects (except for better health, incredible energy, and permanent weight loss) and they're safe for everyone to use. Even children and people on medications can use them. Formulated, tested and produced by leading experts in the fields of Wellness, Nutrition and Health, our products are proven effective and will help you get the results you desire.

Weight-loss Forever

This is the secret! It is the key to being the last weight loss plan you are ever going to need! With our program, we are going to get you down to your desired weight, and then we are going to train your body to stay there! We are going to reset your body's 'memory'.

How can we say our program is special and unique? It is simple! 

We have over 40 million satisfied customers around the world! 

They have followed our program, taken our products, lost their weight, and have kept it off! After completing the SlimmerBody Now program, you won't need to look into any other program! It has worked for millions of others around the world, and we are confident that it will work for you!

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