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Welcome to SlimmerBody Now!

"In the first 10 weeks, I lost 34lbs and 26 inches. After 10 more weeks on the maintenance program I have kept it off for good!"
-Denise M

Welcome to SlimmerBody Forever! This is your final stop on the road to a slimmer, healthier you! With our products & support, we are going to help you lose your weight, and keep it off FOREVER!

Take a look at what has been happening with your weight over the past few months and years. Do any of these look or sound like you: a steady gain; hitting a plateau above your desired weight; the yo-yo of gaining and losing, only to wind up much heavier than you have ever been.

How will your future look if you continue on your current path? If this sounds serious, it is! Take control of your future by getting the weight off and keeping it off forever! The SlimmerBody Forever Program is designed to help those who are truly serious about losing their weight and making an improvement in their future.

With SlimmerBody Forever, you will reach your goal weight and keep it off forever!