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Your program comes with an educational weight loss video and a informational brochure. Your starter program will give you more energy, put you in control of your appetite, and allow you to see visible results within one to three days. You'll even be able to enjoy your favorite foods on this program!

ThermojeticsŪ Green and Beige
Thermojetics Program for $39.95
      Our Thermojetics program, the starter program, will increase your energy, completely control your appetite, and help you burn off excess fat. Simply take it as directed and watch those pounds melt away. Most people see results within one to three days! You can order this program now by pressing the order now button. Enhance your results by adding targeted product below.

Add Cell-U-Loss for $19.95
      Do you have lumps, bumps and dimples around the waist, hips or thighs? If so, Cell-u-loss is for you! With Cell-u-loss, you'll see the inches melt away, and the unsightly lumps and bumps disappear! Check the box to add Cell-u-lossŪ to your program and press the order now button.

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