Christian Bale's iconic exercise in American Psycho is now trending on TikTok

Christian Bale's iconic exercise in American Psycho is now trending on TikTok

As long as people pursue these goals with the help of a professional trainer, Morgan sees no difficulties. "Younger generations are more aware of living a fit and healthy lifestyle while pursuing their goals and ambitions, which is why the grind tradition has become as strong as it is now," he says.

As with anything in health, it's important not to overdo it. Sure, you can target massively, but if obsessing over a few explicit body types is at the expense of your luck, or if you really feel like your only prize is your physical appearance, it might be time to reconsider where your targets are going. of.

But if you can pursue a physical goal in a healthy way, there are many benefits.

How will this body benefit me?

Apart from Patrick Bateman, his body is so ubiquitous that it can be found in almost every actor who has to take off his shirt in front of a digital camera. With the clumsy bulls of Stallone, Arnie, and JCVD in the improved 80's, we have been striving for a more "natural" body ever since. It is not surprising, then, that we draw inspiration from ancient Greek sculpture, in a way, the idea of the 'classical' body.

Antoni says that working on that kind of physique today will release hormones like endorphins, which make you feel happy and relaxed, as well as human growth hormone (HGH), which helps support sugar and fat metabolism and increases metabolism for building muscle. muscle mass. plus testosterone, which helps with bone health and temperament. However, it should be noted that all of this applies to any type of weightlifting; Not that you need to have a safe target to really feel these benefits.

“Other advantages are that you look and feel good physically and mentally”, adds Antoni. "You would probably feel more confident, and a strong body allows you to do more things with greater ease in everyday life, better posture and less risk of injury."

How to get a physique like Patrick Bateman (the right way)?

Instead of home exercises and endless sit-ups, Antoni recommends compound actions. These are exercise routines that transfer multiple body parts, similar to the bench press, squat, and deadlift. "Compound workouts build the most muscle mass and burn the most energy in the shortest amount of time," explains Antoni. Normally, you'd spread them out over the week, start a workout with one of these "big moves," and wait another week to recover before trying again.